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DevelopmentA number of surveys are undertaken to support planning applications. These include protected species surveys, Phase 1 surveys and environment impact surveys. Please note that a Phase 1 Survey would need to be undertaken first before other protected species survey work is undertaken on your proposed development.

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Most ecological surveys are undertaken between March and October. However, some surveys can be undertaken outside this period, eg to assess a building or tree for potential bat roost sites. In these cases, further surveys would be required the following spring/summer to confirm bat presence if the site has a potential to support these species.



Important information on protected species surveys

Bats: If your building is being surveyed for bats and it is considered to have a high/moderate potential for roosting bats, then follow-up emergence surveys would be required. This would involve undertaking 2 dusk emergence and 1 dawn survey between April and September (preferably May to August). If your site is considered to have a low potential, then 1 dusk emergence and 1 dawn survey would be undertaken. The potential of a building for bats would be gained following an initial building inspection and/or a Phase 1 Ecology Survey. In addition, if bats are found during the initial building inspection, then follow-up surveys would be required.

 Great crested newts:  If there are ponds within a 500 m radius of your proposed development and there is suitable terrestrial habitat, it is likely that a great crested newt survey will be required. In addition, if there are historic or recent records of this species, or this species is known to be present, a great crested newt survey will be required.  Surveys for adults in ponds would be undertaken between March and June and 4 survey visits would be required. Other survey methods can be used at other times of the year (although the optimal survey period is March and June). The need for a survey would be gained from a Phase 1 Ecology Survey.    

Reptiles:If your proposed development contains suitable habitat for reptiles, a reptile survey would be required. This information would be gained from the Phase 1 Ecology Survey. Reptile surveys can be undertaken between April and September. The minimum number of surveys will be subject to the current guidelines: Reptile Mitigation Guidelines, Natural England (2011). You would be notified of the minimum number of surveys required. However, please note that reptile surveys are highly dependent on suitable weather conditions and that surveys may take time to complete.



For more information and for a quote:
Please contact Sussex Ecology if you would like a quote or would like to discuss your case. You can reach us on  07707 608 296 or via email. There is further information in the Wildlife Surveys section on how surveys are carried out (although these are based at landowners).

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