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General information
Surveys for landowners are undertaken between April and October. A full range of surveys are undertaken including amphibians, bats, dormice, reptiles and water voles. We also undertake surveys on farmland birds, invertebrates as well as habitat assessments. An example of a Habitat assessment survey would be assessing a hedgerow for dormice or a pond for it’s wildlife value.

Some surveys can only be undertaken at certain times of the year or are highly dependant on weather conditions. For example, amphibian surveys for adult newts are undertaken between February/March and June whilst reptiles are best undertaken in April and May, and again in September.

For more information, including optimal survey times, how the survey is undertaken, how long it will take etc please refer to the Wildlife Surveys section.

Why surveys would be undertaken
Surveys can be undertaken if you:

  • would like to know what species you have on your land,
  • would like to enhance your habitats
  • would like to encourage wildlife on your land
  • would like a habitat management plan to be written for your land
  • would like to apply for an agri-environment application eg Entry level Stewardship, Higher Level Stewardship

How Sussex Ecology differs from other organisations undertaking similar work in the region
Sussex Ecology will undertake surveys to a high standard that would be expected of a consultancy organisation. Our ecologists work in a friendly, professional manner and will treat you with respect and confidentiality. This is particularly important if you have protected species present on your land. You are safe in the knowledge that our ecologists are licensed and up to date with current policies and working practices.

Our reports are written to a high standard and are written in a way that you would be able to understand. Sussex Ecology reports can be used as a background and support agri-environment applications or habitat management plans.

There are some case examples of farms that we have worked with in the past, who achieved a successful outcome from a survey report. Our survey reports are usually returned to you within 3 weeks of the survey being completed.

If you would like any further information or would like to discuss your case, please contact Sussex Ecology.

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