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General information
A number of surveys are undertaken on behalf of organisations including amphibians, bats and reptiles. Most of these are undertaken between April and October, although some such as bats, are undertaken in either June, July or August. Some surveys concentrate on one particular species, eg daubenton’s bat or sand lizard, whilst others concentrate on a species group, eg reptiles.

These surveys are different from those undertaken for landowners as they usually involve a randomly selected 1 km square. It just happens that your land falls within the allocated square.

Access/permission visits are done in person as it builds up a much better working relationship with landowners and farmers. It also helps the Ecologist to assess the site for any health and safety concerns, suitable habitats and where the access points are etc.

These surveys will usually involve following set survey guidelines. For further information on survey methods, please refer to the Wildlife Surveys section.

Important information
Please note that if your survey is undertaken on behalf of a nature conservation organisation, the Ecologist working on your land, will be employed by Sussex Ecology and not employed by the organisation involved. Sussex Ecology cannot be held responsible for any misunderstandings or events as a result.

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