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Sussex Ecology undertakes a number of services in the region of East and West Sussex. We also undertake surveys in some areas of Kent.

These include:

  • Surveys for landowners
  • Surveys for developers
  • Surveys for organisations


Overview of surveys for landowners (more information)
A full range of surveys are undertaken including amphibians, bats, dormice, reptiles and water voles between April and October. These can be undertaken if you would like to enhance your habitats for wildlife, apply for agri-environment schemes or if you would like to simply know what species you have on your land. Please refer to Surveys For Landowners for more information.

Overview of surveys for developers (more information)
Surveys for developments and planning applications are undertaken by Sussex Ecology including protected species surveys, scoping surveys, habitat assessments and environment impact surveys. These are best undertaken between April and September. However, some surveys can be undertaken outside this period, eg to assess a building or tree for potential roost sites. In these cases, further surveys would be required the following spring/summer to confirm bat presence. Please refer to Surveys For Developers for more information.

Overview of surveys for organisations (more information)
Surveys may be undertaken on behalf of an conservation organisation. These usually involve a randomly selected 1 km square and so are different from surveys for landowners. Please refer to the Surveys for Organisations page for more information.

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