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Why choose Sussex Ecology
Whilst, there is a need to conserve the environment, Sussex Ecology acknowledges that there is also a need to work in partnership with the building industry and those directly involved with development (eg housing).

Sussex Ecology:

  • aims to meet client objectives with the needs of the environment;
  • is a professional service
  • is good value for money
  • is a service undertaken to a high standard

Sussex Ecology is compliant in working practices and up to date with current research and survey methodologies.

Sussex Ecology aims to deliver both a fast and effective service. Surveys do naturally take time but the completion of survey reports is undertaken to match and within the times scales of the client. Survey reports are written in a professional manner and are written in a way that is understandable to the layman.

Sussex Ecology will always seek to charge a fair price for the task in hand. Our prices meet client objectives and are appropriate for the work involved. In short, if you choose Sussex Ecology, you know that you will get a high quality service for your money.

A recent comment by a client:
“Thank you for the detailed and professional survey report.”
Mr Hollamby

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